There were several small details for viewers to catch in “Go Getters” on last week’s episode of The Walking Dead. Maggie and Jesus discuss burials, Hershel’s watch is passed around a little more, and some green balloons make it into the episode.

Maggie, Sasha and Enid Unite

In addition, “Go Getters” united Maggie, Sasha, and Enid back together at Hilltop, where Maggie has finally been able to see a much-needed doctor.

First, Sasha gives Maggie a pocket watch that was given to him by Hershel. She originally put the watch on Glenn’s gravesite, within the Hilltop gates, but after Gregory steals it, she takes it and eventually gives it to Enid. This final action makes less sense, but hopefully it’s to unite a relationship between the two women.

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMCThe Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

In Season 2, Hershel gave the watch to Glenn, and explained how his grandfather had brought the watch over from Ireland. He was continuing to pass the watch down the generational-line, much like Butch’s watch in Pulp Fiction.

Flowers and More

Next, Jesus delivers blue flowers to Maggie while she is mourning next to Abraham and Glenn’s graves with Sasha. “I read somewhere that blue flowers inspire strength and calm,” Jesus admits. These represent a release of this burden, which is also why, according to Jesus, the Hilltop people burn their lost loved ones rather than bury them.

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMCThe Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

This is similar to a moment when Daryl gave Carol a flower when they were looking for her daughter Sofia. Daryl gave her a Cherokee rose, which comes with a story. “The story is that when American soldiers were moving Indians off their land on the Trail of Tears, the Cherokee mothers were grieving and crying so much “cause they were losing their little ones along the way. The next day this rose started to grow right where the mothers’ tears fell.”

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMCThe Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Passing the Necklace

Later in “Go Getters,” Jesus gives Sasha a necklace that Abraham left behind. Rosita, who was Abraham’s previous lover, gave him the necklace. Abraham actually lost it at Hilltop when Rick was considering killing Gregory. Either way, Rosita will not be happy to see this necklace on Sasha.

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMCThe Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Enid leaves green balloons on the graves of Abraham and Glenn. She found these balloons on the road with Glenn last season, so they are symbolic of their relationship. They were also nearly taken from her last week when the Saviors were raiding Alexandria.

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMCThe Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Finally, perhaps the most obvious tribute, would be Sasha sharpening a knife with a cigar in her mouth like Abraham. This scene was unique as we heard the sound of the knife sharpening before we saw the act — reminiscent of recent films like, Spring Breakers and Layer Cake. The cigar was the only thing Abraham had on him, according to Sasha.

What symbols have you noted in recent episodes?

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