Melissa McBride On Carol in Season 8

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After a slow-paced Season 7, Carol is out of the cabin and prepared for battle. She and Morgan traded off peacekeeper positions over the past few seasons. But now both are ready for war.

Melissa McBride told Entertainment Weekly, “I think given the rise of Negan and all the horrible things that she survived since she left, she’s, she does feel a call to duty, and that’s the idea that her family never left.”

This began when Benjamin was shot and died on her table. It was the moment she finally jumped into gear and joined the Kingdom for battle.

“No Way Getting Around That”

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Melissa McBride went on to say that Carol really needed to go off and find herself last season. It was as if she metaphorically had to put on her own oxygen mask before she could save those around her.

“She laid it out for Daryl when he came to her cottage that she’s running a risk of losing herself in the fight, but it’s worth it,” confirmed the actress. “I think we’ll see she’s going to fight the conflict in her mind, it’s going to be alive there too. There’s just no way getting around that.”

The actress is also happy to be back working with everyone again.

Happy To Be Working Together Again

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

In Season 7, Melissa McBride (Carol), Norman Reedus (Daryl), and Lennie James (Morgan) were separated from the other actors most of the season. They were off on their own, despite being around from the beginning.

There’s even a moment when King Ezekiel first meets the crew. Actor Khary Payton literally stopped in his tracks. It was the first time he had met the other actors, Andrew Lincoln (Rick) and Danai Gurira (Michonne).

McBride described the lonesome work as “nerve-racking,” when compared to the good old days. “I guess it kind of helped…Carol’s need for solitude, just to get away, but also the conflict of getting away from the people that you really are concerned about even though you’re being eaten alive by the circumstances.”

The actress says she enjoys the conflict on the show. But even so, she is happy to be back in the fight and working with her friends again.

Do you think this war will emotionally scar Carol so she leaves again?

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