President George Washington hunted with hounds. So why shouldn’t we? A new law is trying to keep dogs out of deer hunting.

HuntingA hunter and his trusty dog (photo via Double P Ranch)

Some people don’t like the practice of using dogs to go deer hunting — specifically, some lawmakers in North Carolina. If this bill passes, other states may follow suit.

The bill is currently sitting in a House committee, waiting to be reviewed, reports IndyWeek.

Republican representatives Chris Malone of Wake County and Jay Adams of Catawba introduced House Bill 648, which is meant to “create a framework” for resolving the arguments over this issue.

The bill describes itself as: “An act to provide for responsible hunting of deer with dogs in manner that protects the rights of private landowners.”

Malone says this isn’t about doing away with dogs completely.

“The most important thing is to look at the process and have some respect in law for the people that don’t want anyone on their property,” said Malone. “You have concerns about the people that absolutely don’t want anyone on their property. That’s what sets people on fire.”

But still — this could lead to the extinction of dogs in deer hunting.

Uncle Si of Duck Dynasty hunting ducks with a dog (photo via Pinterest)

Essentially, the bill would give the Wildlife Resource Commission the authority to regulate the hunting of deer with dogs. If you hunt deer with your dog, this could apply to you.

“It’s as old as deer hunting,” said hunter and hunting writer Mike Marsh. “It was a standard way of hunting in the coastal plain because the cover is so dense and the areas are so large. In some places, it’s the only way you can hunt a deer and have a reasonable chance of success.”

If you’re feeling discouraged by this bill, watch the video below of Miss Kay’s hilarious way of talking to dogs.

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