lo-godtube-duck-dynasty-jase-and-missy-discuss-miracles Duck Dynasty Mother, Speaks the Hard Truth, Turns Son Away

The Duck Dynasty Mom, Missy Robertson had some very serious words recently. Missy has been married to Jase for more than 25 years and has helped the family out tremendously. She understands more than most women about the dynamics of marriage and even has her own blog where she talks about it all. The words she had with her son recently were very impactful and heartfelt. I believe they came from a total place of understanding and compassion. They were reminiscent of a conversation Missy had with her own father more than 25 years ago.

Missy spoke about a conversation she had with her father just before she married Jase.

She remembers it like it was yesterday. Her dad stopped her in the hallway of her home and even though it was a week of celebration just before she was married, he didn’t hold back. According to Missy, her father grabbed her very sternly by her shoulders, gave her a serious, dead look in her eyes and said, “When you get married on Friday, you can’t come home.”

She remembers being shocked, the statement came out of left field and she remembers wanting clarification. At first thought, she had misheard him. No way would her father ever say such a thing to her. Once again he stated, “After Friday night, you are not welcome back to this house to live here.”

She was hurt at first by her father’s harsh words.

As time progressed, she came to understand why he said what he said. And she learned to appreciate the intense realism her father put on her. Adjusting to the life of marriage is no easy task for anyone. Many times, Missy would find herself crying herself to sleep at night, wishing she could just run away. She longed for the safety and security of her parents’ home again where she was free from the responsibilities of a real adult life. The words solidified in her like concrete and she know she would soon have to say the same thing to her son Reed and his beautiful fiancé, Brighton.

After speaking with Jase about the scenario and her idea he quickly agreed with her and felt it was in everyone’s best interest to have the conversation with the soon to be newlyweds.

The young adults received the words with understanding. It’s a powerful concept, many parents can learn from. Teaching your children about self-reliance and not to simply run at the first sign of struggle is a trait that is worth more than any dowry or wedding gift could ever be. It also shows us all about the strength of a mother who truly loves her children and the support of a caring, strong husband and father. Thank you to Missy and congrats to the new couple! Let’s all make sure to give them a prayer tonight for all the blessings of life and freedom.

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