Abraham Ford Tells Why TWD Won’t Cross With FTWD

Fear, The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

In case there were not already enough reasons why The Walking Dead will never blend with Fear the Walking Dead, Abraham Ford-actor decided to step up and tell fans why the two shows won’t blend.

One of the major reasons why the two can’t blend is because The Walking Dead can take some liberties with their mythology, seeing as they’ve never really taken the time to explain the outbreak.

With Fear, the zombie apocalypse is working in a more grounded basis.

Walking Dead’s Heightened Reality

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

“We have almost have a permission slip as far as our reality to make things a little bit bigger because we are based on the graphic novel,” said the actor. “You have these characters like Abraham with the mustache and the ridiculous way he presents himself. I don’t mean that in a bad way, ridiculous is fine. Michonne with the sword, Daryl with the crossbow.”

“If one of our characters were to show up in the other world [on Fear the Walking Dead], they wouldn’t mesh because Fear is based much more in a realistic reality where I believe ours is a heightened reality because of the graphic novel.”

When Graphic Novels Collide

Spiderman 3 | Photo Credit Marvel

Again, this is just another argument added to a long list of arguments as to why the two shows will never blend. In a way, Cudlitz’s argument sort of compliments another comic book: Spider-Man.

The first two films from Sam Raimi were based on truly dark villains like the Green Goblin and Dr. Octopus. In the third film, they made Raimi also include Venom, who didn’t come into the series until a decade later, when it was meant for a younger audience. The character clashed, and the movie bombed.

Do you agree with Michael Cudlitz’s view on these two undead worlds?

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