Norman Reedus, Running From Cops

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC Norman Reedus sounds a little rough around the edges when talking to the clean cut, Jimmy Fallon. The Walking Dead actor got involved with motorcycles in Junior High School, which meant running from cops and loaning bikes for bail money.

“We had one kid that had a YZ80 and we would take turns riding that bike. Run from cops. Then kill the engine and hide between houses, because it was really loud. It’s a dirt bike in the suburbs.”

This attitude no doubt led to the character Daryl Dixon.

Norman Reedus’ first bike that he owned was a Honda Rebel. At the motorcycle shop he worked at, everyone would tease him because the bike was so much smaller than everyone else’s.

Reedus joked the Rebel is like a “moped, basically.” Later, when he had saved up some money from working at a motorcycle shop, the actor saved up enough money to buy a “proper bike,” which was a Buell S1 Lighting, he ended up giving away.

“I gave it to a friend of mine for bail money and I never saw it again…”

Crashes, Warrants, And Police 

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Norman Reedus worked at a bike shop in Venice while living in downtown Los Angeles at an early age. During all of his time with motorcycles, he’s also been in a few accidents on the bike.

“I was making a right to get on the freeway and this two old people actually pulled up in a car in my lane and I sort of saw them do like this (put their hands) as I flew over their car, and the bike was kind of doing a cartwheel in the air,” said Reedus.

“Then I landed, and I had warrants out for my arrest,” said the actor, before clarifying that they weren’t big warrants, just for parking tickets. “I just love how different our lives are,” joked Jimmy Fallon.

Doesn’t this story make you love Norman Reedus even more?

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