It’s Monday! You guys know what that means! It means a new episode of the Big Bang Theory! Tonight’s episode airs on CBS at 8/7c. I happen to have a few details about said episode. But, the question is will you be watching? Or do you have a previous engagement? If so, record, record, record!

First, a quick recap

So, if you saw the last episode or you missed it and read a summary, then you know that Howard and Bernadette were having some unusual issues. By usual, I mean that Howard is worried that the government is out to steal his gyroscope. While he and Bernadette discuss how his paranoia got him a $500 speeding ticket, Raj answers the door to a man by the name of Colonel Williams (Breaking Bad’s Dean Norris) in a military uniform. Raj pretends Howard isn’t home and promises to relay the message to call Colonel Williams.

Guest Stars

Well, Colonel Williams is going to reappear in tonight’s episode. Colonel Williams, who is an Air Force representative from the Department of Material Command, sits down to have a talk with Howard. Dean Norris from Breaking Bad is returning to play Colonel Williams. There will also be a second guest star. Josh Zuckerman will be playing Marty.

“Top Secret”

Colonel Williams will also be wanting to speak with Leonard and Sheldon as well. Sheldon, Leonard, and Howard will be given a “top-secret assignment” from Colonel Williams.

Sheldon, Howard, Leonard, and WilliamsSheldon, Howard, Leonard, and Williams

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Bernadette will also be in some trouble of her very own. She will be caught off guard when her fellow co-workers find out about her impending pregnancy.

The Writer

Writer Steve Molaro spoke to The Hollywood Reporter about Norris guest starring in the episode. He revealed, “Dean is in the first three and that story is featured pretty prominently in those. Dean is great and intimidating and hilarious. You’ve got this common link now between Sheldon, Leonard and Wolowitz. “

However, the storyline with Howard, Leonard and Sheldon will make Raj feel left out. Molaro explained, “They are going to be in close quarters working a lot — more than they used to — and it’s going to start to take its toll on them. It’s also interesting that Raj is not a part of it and is pushed to the sidelines a bit and feels left out.”


Poor Raj! I always feel like I never have enough of him in an episode. I really hope he finds love soon. My fingers are crossed for this season. I also wonder when Sheldon and Amy will start talking about moving into together. I guess it won’t happen for another couple of episodes. Since, Sheldon will be busy with this “top secret assignment?” What could the assignment be? Do you have any theories?

Sound off in the comments. Will you be watching tonight? Do you have any theories on what the top secret assignment may be? Will Penny and Amy have to console Bernadette? That’s what besties do, right? They should give Raj a love interest while he’s not a part of the central plot. What are your thoughts on that?

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