Kaley Cuoco is Settling Down

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Kaley Cuoco has had lots of ups and downs in her personal life. After a rough 2015, entailing a divorce from husband Ryan Sweeting, Kaley seems to have finally settled down and found love again. But are her and boyfriend Karl Cook thinking babies? Perhaps.

Kaley Cuoco’s Boyfriend: Things Are Serious

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It would seem things are pretty serious with Karl Cook, Kaley Cuoco’s boyfriend. The pair are all over social media together. They cook, relax on the couch, watch the Bachelor, attend horse shows, and even visit the TBBT set together. So are these two finally ready to take things to the next level?

Cook comes from a family of equestrians. He is also an esteemed horseman himself and shares a passion for the sport with Kaley. As for his other interests he has said, “I enjoy photography and whenever I take a trip anywhere I usually take my camera with me. I am also into making bowls, cups, tables and many other things on a wood lathe. I call it ‘lazy turning.’”

Kaley Admits To Baby Fever

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Kaley is a long time friend of Haylie Duff, and in 2016 attended the launch of her children’s line Little Moon Society. Karl accompanied her, and the two seemed to enjoy themselves. Kaley told reporters, “Is it weird that I want to wear these clothes? Is that weird? In the largest size possible?… It does give you a little bit of baby fever! Everybody is so cute, everyone looks so adorable, hard not to.”

However, Kaley knew better than to let that statement go on its own. She countered, “And I’m not pregnant!” She laughed. “Because I know that’ll be the next thing everyone says tomorrow.”

Well, we shall see what the future holds. As more time passes perhaps the couple will consider bringing a non-furry child into the home. Do you like Kaley Cuoco’s boyfriend Karl Cook?



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