Sadie Robertson might not be on television anymore, but that doesn’t mean she’s laying low in retirement. The reality star keeps busy by maintaining her online following…and hosting her very own tour. Here’s how the whole operation works and how much it’ll cost you to get in.

Sadie Robertson’s Live Original Tour

Back in 2014, Sadie Robertson released her book titled Live Original through a publishing company her maternal grandmother works with, Simon and Schuster. No one predicted the sort of success the teen would have. Sadie wrote about her faith and her experiences growing up in a Christian household. The book made the New York Time’s bestseller’s list and even spurred on a spin-off devotional and novel.

Now Live Original has turned into an entire event. “Live Original” became Sadie’s catch phrase- encompassing her philosophy of living a faith based life. Sadie told fans her tour is an opportunity to take their relationship “off the screen,” and “finally meet in person.” 

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The tour features Sadie as the main speaker. Her brother John Luke also appears at the events, along with various other family members from time to time. Music artists include Hollynd, Anthem Lights, and Steven Malcomb. 

So how much will it cost you to share a night of faith and fellowship with Sadie Robertson? There are several different packages to choose from. The “Ultimate fan experience” will get you a pizza party and bus tour with the Duck Dynasty heiress herself. Merchandise is also included, and it’ll only cost you a pretty penny of $199.

Cheap Seats

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For those not looking to break the bank, there is a cheaper option. “Premium” tickets cost $45 and include a question and answer session with the tour’s performers and guests. Finally, general admission is only $25, but it won’t let you in on any of the extra excitement. 

We’d love to hear from you- have any of our readers been to the Live Original Tour?

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