Mayim Bialik recently poured her heart out in a post for Grok Nation about returning to The Big Bang Theory for Season 11. The star admitted that the show keeps her life on track.

“I’m Back With My Friends”

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While many of us TBBT fans are incredibly thankful and happy that the show will continue for two more seasons. No one seems to be as excited as Mayim Bialik. This TBBT star wrote an entire essay about what it felt like to be back on set.

Mayim admitted she’s “back with [her] friends,” and that it’s fun to catch up after spending a summer apart. “Being back with the cast is wonderful,” Mayim said. “It’s like coming back to your sophomore year of high school but your school is only eight people and you all like being together and missed each other.”

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Mayim also explained that TBBT is her job and that her job sustains her. “This is my job. And I missed it: the regularity of the schedule TBBT provides me, knowing where I am most days of the week most months of the year for most hours of the day.” 

Mayim has been very open about her struggles with mental health, and it seems having a routine is very helpful for her. She also pointed out that it helps her keep track of her kids, and show them a proper schedule.

Close Cast Mates

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Mayim also explained that she’s very close with her cast mates. She even revealed she and Kevin Sussman spent some of the week psychoanalyzing each other in their trailers. She was equally ecstatic to catch up with love interest Jim Parsons. Mayim hadn’t seen Jim since his New York City wedding earlier in the summer. 

We’re so glad to see The Big Bang Theory star Mayim Bialik and cast coming back to set. 

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