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Image result for the collaboration fluctuation amyphoto by In this week’s TBBT episode Big Bang Theory fans finally got their fix after two long weeks of March Madness.

The Collaboration Fluctuation followed Raj’s new living situation, and Sheldon and Amy collaborating on a scientific theory. While there were many funny lines and quotes, one in particular had Big Bang fans secretly laughing to themselves. It seems the writers wanted to give a nod to the true fans out there who have been there from the beginning.

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This week’s TBBT episode featured an off the cuff joke from Amy that a first-time viewer might not have caught. Amy said, “Okay I’m considering dropping harp lessons and taking elevator repair lessons instead.”

Those who didn’t watch earlier seasons might have thought this was just a typical one-liner, but it actually refers to a much bigger long standing joke on the series.

The elevator in Leonard and Penny’s building has supposedly been out of order since 2003. We were told in a previous episode that Leonard broke the elevator during an experiment.

Apparently, Leonard was experimenting with rocket fuel and Sheldon saved his life as he was trying to go outside by way of the elevator. 

Other Elevator Jokes

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Many other costars have entered the elevator unaware that it is out of commission. Most notably, Beverly Hofstadter didn’t understand that the elevator would be unable to take her up to her son’s apartment. Howard even tried to fix the elevator once, but immediately quit after deeming it a lost cause. 

It’s strange that a group of scientists can’t figure out how to repair a simple elevator after all these years. Perhaps they enjoy the joke. We certainly do.

Did you notice the subtle nod to Big Bang Theory fans everywhere?

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