Back in 2015 Johnny Galecki did an interview with Larry King, and really gave fans an inside look at his life and perspective. Here’s what we learned about the man behind Leonard Hofstadter.

Johnny Galecki did a round of rapid questions with Larry King in 2015, and let his fans in on quite a few secrets. He started by saying his first kiss was with a girl named Annie, who he was apparently using to try to get to her best friend. Johnny was only 11 at the time, but was advanced for his age.

He also explained that Kunal Nayyar tends to laugh at his own jokes on set, but that Simon Helberg is the most naturally funny of the group. Johnny said, “He can’t help it, he’s just fast he’s funny. It’s how his mind works. You don’t have to wind him up or turn him on.”

When asked who the biggest flirt on set was, Johnny had to admit he might be guilty. He said, “I don’t discriminate I flirt with everybody.” We’re pretty sure he probably flirts with his ex- Kaley Cuoco, quite often.

He also talked about auditioning quite a bit. He pointed out that when actors aren’t desperate for the job auditioning can be a fun way to perform for a short while. However, if you desperately need the work it can be quite overwhelming. Johnny is also guilty of telling casting directors his ideas for other actors who might suit the part more than him. Not exactly the best strategy for getting hired, and he said his agent “hates it.”

He Doesn’t Like To Watch Sit-Coms

Johnny admitted he likes to watch the news or Dateline when relaxing at home. Watching a sit-com or drama isn’t fun for him, because that’s what his work entails. It makes sense that he wouldn’t want to relive his business hours as soon as he gets off the clock.

Many actors have admitted that theater or film are ruined for them after studying the process deeply. Special effects artists can never truly enjoy crazy scenes, and editors certainly can’t watch without catching every little mistake.

What was the most interesting thing you learned about Johnny Galecki in this interview?

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