In my last spoiler article, we found out that Sheldon wanted a baby with Amy. Raj also had a “secret lover.” Thursday night has come and gone, and now it’s time for our weekly episode recap.

Baby Blues



This whole baby fever thing started because Amy took a skin sample from Sheldon. She wants to mix the sample with her own for the sake of an experiment. But her goal isn’t to make a baby. Her goal is to make brain cells. Her research does turn out to be successful. Sheldon compares the moment to hatching sea monkeys, or in this case, “me monkeys,” and wastes no time showing off beloved pictures of his creation to Bernadette.

From here, Sheldon has caught the baby fever. Amy is less excited about pro-creating and is more pleased about her experiment turning out so well. But, Sheldon wants to take the experiment further. Okay, taking it further to Amy is replicating it, and seeing if she gets the same results. That’s not Sheldon’s idea of it though. This is where that horrid line comes from: “lock that door, lower our underpants a little and make a baby.” Don’t get me wrong; it’s hilarious, just sounds a bit sleazy.

Dr. Cooper, You’re Trying To Seduce Me

Of course, this is all too sudden and soon for Amy. Sheldon is bewildered his girlfriend is rebuffing his offer, so he naturally assumes she’s playing hard to get. No problem. He drops a pen and bends over to pick it up, perfectly displaying his hind quarters for Amy’s viewing pleasure. Sadly, he’s denied a second time.

But that doesn’t stop our beloved Sheldon. Later on, Amy finds a trail of rose petals leading to her apartment. Once there she finds Sheldon in a GQ shoot complete with an alcoholic beverage. Despite the overwhelming allure of Dr. Sheldon Cooper and the smooth Jazz music playing in the background, Amy manages to refuse his seductions. She makes an escape to Leonard and Penny’s apartment, with Sheldon lurking not far behind. His last resort is Flamenco dancing.

Jim Parsons owns the moment. He snaps, flails, flourishes, and stares ominously at his prey. Amy still isn’t having it. She retreats to the safety of the hallway, where she admits this was a close call. Apparently, the Flamenco gets her motor running.

Love Is In The Air



Meanwhile, Raj starts falling for a woman he meets at the University. Her name is Isabella, and she’s the cleaning lady. When Raj chooses broccoli for dinner, Penny senses he wants to upgrade his bod. So the natural conclusion to make is that there is a woman involved. Well, Penny isn’t wrong.

Raj does admit that something is going on but doesn’t elaborate any further. The only clue he gives the gang is that the two of them met in the telescope room. They automatically assume that Raj’s “mystery lady” is an astronomer.

The next day, he helps Isabella clean the men’s room. He has so much fun scrubbing the toilet that he asks her out on a date. But Isabella declines the offer. Raj tries again, only to be rejected a second time. Isabella works two jobs and doesn’t have time to date.

Raj plays the part of the gallant knight and cooks a microwave dinner for Isabella in his office. He explains he’s cleaned the entire floor, so she can no longer blame a lack of time. Isabella is impressed and agrees to share a meal. Unfortunately, Howard walks in at that moment, steals a roll of toilet paper from Isabella’s cart, and introduces himself. He’s heard so much about Raj’s lady astronomer friend; way to ruin the moment, Wollowitz.

Raj does chase her down the hall and admits to Isabella he’s embarrassed by what she does for a living. Not cool, Raj. As restitution, he confesses something embarrassing about himself, so the stakes are even: He lets his dog eat directly out of his mouth. Also, butterflies are scary. Isabella softens and agrees to go on one date with Raj.


All in all, an excellent and funny episode. I don’t know about you guys, but I don’t think I could go out with a guy who lets their dog eat out of their mouth. I mean, I let my dog lick me, but that’s it!

So, what did you all think of this episode? Let us know in the comments below.

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