There was a Duck Dynasty wedding this week, and that means the Robertson family has expanded yet again. Rebecca Lo Robertson married John Reed Loflin. John Reed has a sister of his own, Nicki Loflin Sompagnaro. Nicki seems to have joined the Robertson’s inner circle.

Expanding the Family

The Robertsons believe in big families. They love expanding and bringing people in. Rebecca herself came to the family as an exchange student. The Duck Dynasty wives consider each other sisters, not sister-in-laws. Therefore, it makes sense that the Duck Dynasty cast now considers John Reed Loflin’s family their own. Nicki Reed Sompagnaro, John Reed’s sister, is no exception. Korie Robertson wrote on Instagram, “We have a new member of the fam, and we couldn’t be happier about it.”

The More The Merrier

Photo by @legitsadierob via instagram.comPhoto by @legitsadierob via

Sadie Robertson posted this photo with her sisters Bella, Rebecca, and Mary Kate. Also pictured on the left is John Reed’s sister Nicki Loflin Sompagnaro. Sadie captioned the photo “The more sisters the merrier right?” The sisters certainly seemed merry. The Duck Dynasty stars appear tanned and enjoying their tropical getaway.

Business Partners

The Robertsons have a long tradition of working as a family. Nicki and Rebecca aren’t just sister-in-laws. They are also business partners. Nicki’s Instagram bio explains that she is from Louisiana, is a jewelry designer, and owns the business “The Finery Nola.” “The Finery Nola”‘s website describes itself as, “More of an experience than a store, THE FINERY offers a highly covetable selection of jewelry, fine fragrances, and accessories for the home.  Our adoration for fine objects and devotion to top-notch customer service make our store what it has become…a destination for our clients, near and far.” Essentially it is a pop-up jewelry shop, that frequents inside Duck and Dressing. Duck and Dressing is Rebecca Robertson’s boutique in West Monroe Louisiana. It appears these sisters share a brain for business and a love for style and retail.

Happy Birthday

photo by @rebeccalorobertson via instagram.comphoto by @rebeccalorobertson via

Nicki celebrated a birthday while in Mexico for the destination wedding. Rebecca Lo Robertson wrote on Instagram, “Happy birthday to my sister [Nicki]. So honored to have you walk alongside me as my bridesmaid on my wedding day & so happy to be celebrating your birthday in Mexico in the same weekend! You are the best sister in law a girl could ask for. Love you! #bestweekendever.”

Mexico Adventures

photo by @bosshogswife via instagram.comphoto by @bosshogswife via

Nicki and her entire family also joined in with the Robertsons on a tubing adventure. Korie Robertson, Willie Robertson’s wife, posted this photo and captioned it, “Adios Mexico!! We loved you! Such a beautiful place to celebrate the beginning of @rebeccalorobertsonand @johnreedloflin adventure together!#loflinweddedwife.” Korie has been posting non-stop since the family arrived in Mexico. The proud mama just couldn’t be happier for her oldest daughter.

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