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Melissa Rauch: Indie Filmmaker

By Miranda Moore | Monday Monday Staff -    2016-08-22

Melissa Rauch, the Bronze, indie film

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Did you know that Melissa Rauch has currently dabbled a bit in the indie movie circuit with The Bronze? In fact, Rauch co-wrote the film with her husband. Melissa also plays the main character of The Bronze, Hope Ann Greggory. The film is a sports comedy-drama and is centered on a washed up gymnast who is asked to coach another female gymnast, but instead wishes to sabotage her.

The film had its premiere at the Sundance Film Festival on January 22, 2015. Unfortunately, the film mostly earned mixed reviews and some describe it as “mostly unpleasant and mostly unfunny.”

The film was shot in a total of 22 days. The film has a somewhat decent score on Metacritic with a 44. The Bronze’s total imdb score is a 5.8. In the film’s opening weekend, it made a total of $421,434. That’s a per-location average of only $361. Relativity Studios paid a reported $3 million for the distribution rights. After the studio declared bankruptcy, rights went to Sony Classics in September 2015.

With as much comedic talent as Melissa Rauch has, why did this film fail? Some say that it is because of Rauch’s portrayal of Hope Gregory. Hope’s character traits are depicted as foul mouthed, lazy, narcissistic, and she never smiles. Some people may not like to see a female as being portrayed in this kind of manner.

However, Rauch has since denied this viewpoint as being a legitimate reason to dislike the film via an interview with her in character as Hope Gregory. Rauch (as Gregory) states that men are often depicted in film in the same manner, so why can’t women be shown this way as well. This is a very solid argument.

One of the main reasons why the Bronze didn’t do well could also be the fact that it received very little promotion. So unless you keep regular tabs on Melissa Rauch, you probably wouldn’t have known about it.

Whether the film flopped is irrelevant when you look at Rauch’s attitude despite the whole negative endeavor. In her interview as Hope Gregory, Melissa holds her chin up and debunks sexist opinions and even demands a sequel to the film. Whether or not there will be a sequel based on the first film’s performance seems pretty slim. But you never know. Sequels are made from bad first films all the time. Maybe the second film will do better.

Don’t be too disappointed about the Bronze’s failure, Rauch is still going strong on the Big Bang Theory and fans will always look forward to seeing her there. The petite, squeaky voiced scientist does have a dedicated fan base, as well as the rest of the cast does. Remember that we also have Bernadette and Howard’s baby arrival to look forward to in season 10. This is a very popular topic among the fandom currently as fans are very excited to see the scientist spawn for the first time. The question that remains is how Bernadette and Howard will take on parenthood.

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