Why Mary Kate Kicked John Luke out of Her House



Duck Dynasty fan’s know that last June, John Luke and Mary Kate Robertson tied the knot. But what you might not know is that right after they came back from their honeymoon, they went to New Spring Church. That is were they revealed some of their more personal stories.

John Luke and Mary Kate met at church camp. She was in the ninth grade, and he was in the eighth grade. He was smitten from the beginning. She, well, not much.

The two were assigned to a team together at camp. Although John Luke had some high hopes with the “older woman”, the two never really had more than a brief conversation about family.

Before John Luke knew it, camp was over and Mary Kate went back home–an hour away from where he lived.

However, it was a year later, when Mary Kate changed schools. The both ended up in the same home room, and were assigned seats right next to each other.

“We were good partners.” John Luke told told NewSpring Church.

However, according to his bride, he was the only person she knew in the entire school. So, their “partnership” consisted of him telling her Duck Dynasty stories, and her letting him cheat off her homework.

Then their lives took another twist of fate. John Luke broke his arm and he couldn’t write. That’s when he asked Mary Kate for help with his homework. She agreed. However, she thought it would be more along the lines of meeting at school.

Nope. That wasn’t John Luke’s plan in the least. His idea was for him to come to her home. While that took her back a little, she said yes.

“He wouldn’t leave.” Mary Kate says.

She was concerned that there would be a problem, such as rumors going on that they were together. He didn’t see any problem, and hoped rumors would go around that they were together–because that was what he was hoping for.

While she was doing his homework, he was sweet-talking her mom and family, hoping to win them over. It worked. However, it also backfired.

That’s when Mary Kate kicked him out of her house.

With a little wounded pride, John Luke found a new girlfriend a week later, which lasted almost a year.

Although John Luke asked her out several times, Mary Kate refused each time. Everything changed for Mary Kate when he started to attend her church. Which meant he had to drive an hour each way. So that meant they could spend two hours together in a car every Wednesday night.

On those Wednesday nights, John Luke would preach at their little youth group of six kids, and Mary Kate would try not to like him. It wasn’t working very well.

Just when John Luke thought he had no hope, his sister Sadie sent him a text and let him know that Mary Kate secretly liked him.

When they finally got a chance to talk, and she could explain herself, she told him, “I know you are a godly man…and I wouldn’t date someone I wouldn’t marry. But I would date you.”