6Mayim Bialik on Shamy Getting Intimate 

Amy and Sheldon passionately kiss one another by screenertv.com.

The Big Bang Theory puts our characters on all sorts of twists and turns through life. Sheldon and Amy are not exceptions. Their story might even be the best on the show as they are taken through every obstacle imagined or otherwise in their relationship. We love Shamy, but what do Sheldon and Amy’s actor and actress think?

Bialik of course, loves Sheldon and Amy. She has stated many times over that she believes in their unique relationship that shows the world people can move at their own pace and be happy. What she wanted most after the Shamy break was to see the two return to the small moments of hanging out with the gang or briefly touching.

This being said, she makes it no secret that she at first did not approve of Shamy “doing the deed”. Her upbringing was in conservative Judaism, and she was taught that sex was for marriage. This was another reasoning behind her support for Sheldon and Amy’s relationship. But this latest turn she was not so confident in.

ShamyMayim and Jim talk Shamy getting down to business by pinterest.com.

She reveals that herself and Parsons did not know about it until the morning of the script reading. She called to Parsons and asked him if he read the script. He jokingly asks, “No. Do we do it?” And when Mayim yelled yes, he said in shock, “what?!”

Even our beloved actors had no idea it was coming. The two thought it was moving a little further ahead, but in the end, each approved of the way it was done. It kept to Sheldon and Amy. It showed and encouraged views of their intimate and romantic love. But this did not stop Bialik from being uncomfortable.

She revealed that she did not tell her mother about the scene out of embarrassment. Instead, her mother received a text from a friend exclaiming, “I can’t believe I got to see them have sex!” Imagine if you received this text from someone . . . .


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