The Cast of Duck Dynasty is known for their one-liners and hilarious figures of speech.  Can You guess who said these Duck Dynasty Quotes?

1. The “Real Man”

“A real man don’t call the plumbers. If he gonna call himself a man, he needs to know how to fix it, on the spot.”

This quote was spoken by the true patriarch himself, Phil Robertson. Phil is always giving advice on how men should behave and carry themselves.  Phil is a do-it-yourself kind of guy and therefore would never call another man to do handy-work.

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The Wild Story

“Last time it got this hot, I blacked out, I woke up naked & I was in the middle of a park.” 

No one but Si Robertson would tell a story like this.  Uncle Si is an eccentric character and an irreplaceable member of the Duck Dynasty Cast. His Duck Dynasty quotes are arguably the most memorable.  Fittingly, he’s often quoted by his own family on the reality show.

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The Euphemism

“I never judge a man’s prowess by the size of his duck call… I don’t care how big it is!”

Did you guess it? Yep, Jase Robertson uttered this hilarious bit of information.  Jase is Willie’s younger brother. He always has something silly, and maybe even scandalous to say because of his middle child status. This is about as PG-13 as the Robertsons get. The Duck Dynasty cast members have committed to wholesome values, and the show is full of family fun.  Profanities are never uttered, and you won’t see any Duck Dynasty quotes with many sexual innuendos in them.

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The Female Perspective

“A smart wife saves the receipt and exchanges it for a bigger size when no one’s looking.”

Of course, this bit of marital advice comes from Mrs. Duck Commander, Korie Robertson.  And of course, Korie refers to Willie, whose size and vanity are often joked about on the show.  He may be a redneck, but he still likes to look good! Korie is a very fashionable woman and has to make sure her man looks, and feels, his best at all times.

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Beaver Fever

“I don’t know about this ‘Justin the Beaver.‘ “

Miss Kay delivered this sweet and naive Duck Dynasty quote about the heartthrob singer.  The grandmother and maternal leader of the Duck Dynasty cast, Miss Kay does her best to stay up to date on pop culture.  Her many grandchildren are of all ages, so she has to keep her knowledge on all things tweens and teens.

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Working Hard or Hardly Working

“Work hard.  Nap hard.  Hey, that’s what I always say, Jack.”

And we finish out with a classic Si Robertson quote.  The man, the myth, and the legend, Si Robertson never disappoints.  His free use of the words, “Hey!” and “Jack” keep us giggling in our seats.

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©2013 A&E Networks

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