With Reed Robertson and Brighton Thompson’s wedding recently taking place, we thought it’d be fun to point out the 6 things every Duck Dynasty wedding has! This is the third Duck Dynasty wedding in recent years, and we can’t help but see a lot of similarities and traditions.

It’s Always Outdoors

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Leave it to the Robertson family to make sure their most special ceremonies are taken place outside. This family has made an entire lifestyle and fortune off of outdoor activities (Hello, Duck Hunting!) and their wedding days are no exception. John Luke Robertson and Mary Kate McEacharn were married just last year. Their wedding was filmed for the Duck Dynasty series and took place in a family home’s backyard.  Reed and Brighton’s weddings followed this tradition, as did Miss Kay and Phil’s marriage renewal ceremony on the Duck Dynasty episode, Til Duck Do Us Part.  


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A Family Member Will Officiate

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The Robertson clan is a close-knit group, and they like to keep things personal at their wedding ceremonies. A Duck Dynasty wedding isn’t complete without a family member officiator. At Phil and Miss Kay’s vow renewal their eldest son Alan did the honors. At John Luke and Mary Kate’s nuptials Willie Robertson stood in. Finally, at Reed and Brighton’s ceremony Jase Robertson, Reed’s father, had the pleasure of uniting the two. 


There Will Be Family in the Wedding party

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Speaking of family, Robertsons always ask their kin to be their bridesmaids and groomsmen. At Phil’s side was Si Robertson, his brother and everyone’s favorite Uncle. Mary Kate and Brighton both had a colossal number of bridesmaids. Brighton had 12 in total! This large group included her new cousin-in-laws Sadie, Bella, and Mary Kate. Mary Kate had six bridesmaids, including Sadie, Bella, and Rebecca, her new sisters-in-law. The entire family is always invited to a Duck Dynasty wedding, and the group loves to celebrate together!

The Pink Ladies

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It would appear the Robertson women love pink, especially blush tones. Both Mary-Kate and Brighton picked rose colored bridesmaids dresses. The flowers were also similar shades. Korie Robertson even wore a pink dress to her mother-in-law’s vow renewal on an episode of Duck Dynasty.

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The Bride Will Be Adorned In Flowers

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In keeping with the rustic theme, both Mary-Kate and Brighton accessorized their hair styles with beautiful flower crowns. This has been a trend for many brides lately and shows off the youthful glow of the bride.  


The Couple Will Be Young- Very Young!

A Duck Dynasty wedding usually occurs when the couple is very young, maybe even just out of high school!  John Luke proposed to Mary Kate on his 19th birthday! Reed Robertson is just 21 years old. Likewise, Phil Robertson revealed to the Huffingtonpost that Miss Kay and he were only 16 years old when they originally married! Talk about babes in love!

A Duck Dynasty wedding is always beautiful, filled with love, and centered around Christ. What more could we ask for from this God-fearing family?

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