It’s been over two years since John Luke and Mary Kate’s Duck Dynasty wedding. The pair were wed on a family property in Lousiana in front of tons of friends and family. Since then they’ve moved away to college together, and acquired quite a bit of wisdom. Here’s what the 21-year-olds have to say about marriage so far.

John Luke and Mary Kate

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John Luke and Mary Kate now live at Liberty University in Virginia. The pair has been married a little over two years, and are now 21-years-old. While most college kids spend their years partying, experimenting, and hopefully studying, John Luke and Mary Kate have traveled the world and conquered their first two years together.

Mary Kate recently wrote her best marriage advice on her blog, The Little Duck Wife. It’s interesting to see her perspective on marriage, especially since her experience of it is so different from the norm. Most newlyweds are in their late twenties, but John Luke and Mary Kate are growing up and learning all about life, together.

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Mary Kate’s best advice is to talk it out. She wrote, “Forgive each other and learn to laugh. Our goal is to never go to sleep angry. Take the time to talk things out and don’t let anything start to drive a wedge between you.” The pair also seeks God and like to talk about their spirituality with one another.

Laugh Through The Hard Times

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Mary Kate also advises that young married couples laugh through the hard times. Ultimately being young lends itself to mistakes. If you look at those mistakes as just bumps along the road, you’ll have a much better perspective. Mary Kate explains, “I remember one week we had thing after thing going wrong. From flooding a rental kitchen with dishwasher bubbles to me having a car accident. Not saying a car accident is something to laugh about, but we just couldn’t allow ourselves to dwell on the negative. When you’ve got something going wrong, look at all the things you’ve got going right! Just laugh at yourself and each other.”

Those are pretty wise words coming from a 21 year old. Can you believe John Luke and Mary Kate have already been married over two years now?

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