“Do Not Disturb”

follows Strand, Madison, Alicia and Ofelia, as well as Travis and Chris. Some interesting parallels are made in this episode between Madison and Alicia and Travis and Chris. Conflict with Madison and Alicia bring them closer together, while conflict with Travis and Chris push their relationship further apart.

The pick-up truck members are seen where we last left them, Strand and Madison surrounded by walkers, Alicia and Ofelia trapped several stories above them. Elena helps Alicia reunite with her mother through an elaborate plan, in the middle confessing her crime of locking the guests of a wedding in with a man who was recently turned, an attempt to save the rest of the hotel residents. We see a walker who looks strikingly similar to Madison, I dare say even played by the same actor, a middle finger to the audience, if I do declare, yet we immediately next see Madison safe and sound, and all of the pick-up truck crew escape the hotel safely.

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The story of Travis and Chris begins in the Mexican brush. They come across a group of men that they stole food from earlier in the day and decide to join them, Chris enthusiastically, Travis reluctantly. The three men have very little personality, even less than our main cast, which is saying something, yet share their love for the apocalypse. Chris takes an instant liking them, which worries Travis. They come across a farm with crops and a chicken coop and are stopped by the owner with a rifle. Words are exchanged, and eventually one of the three men shoot the owner, where he dies shortly after.

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The rest of the characters don’t get any development in this episode, and the ones that do gett very few. What did we learn? Chris is exponentially forming into a psychopath while Alicia declares how her mother would die for you (which we never see any evidence for, by the way. Show don’t tell, story writers!). Elena has no personality over hotel manager and Travis is not fond of the three musketeers. Although this show was never too good at developing characters, with the most interesting two being Strand and Daniel, this episode I found especially pointless. Even in story, as there was no reason for Travis and Chris to even separate from the rest in the first place (other than Chris declaring that he is “no good”, of course).

“Do Not Disturb” was a disappointment, not unlike the entire show, really. Fear the Walking Dead holds no candle up to its predecessor.

It has little character development, rushed storylines, and dialogue only serving to bring us from one conflict to the next. It is an embarrassment next to the genius of The Walking Dead. Only its literary devices are even remotely decent. That’s most likely because of the fact that both have the same writers. I fear that this entire show was created only to bank off of the success of the previous. Yet I pray that future episodes prove me wrong.

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