Duck Dynasty Teaches Proper Parenting, Right Morals and Values


A majority of television is empty, shallow and deprived of any substantial morals. The Robertson family sets themselves apart from most other shows by following traditional American values through ethical living. Duck Dynasty teaches children proper parenting techniques based on Christian teachings from the Bible. Phil, Willie and the rest of the family set themselves as superior role models for their children to look up to.

The reason of this post is in response to several posts recently sprouting up all over the internet. The posts are related to rumors of the possible cancelation of the show. Hopefully if the right people see the value in Duck Dynasty and how it benefits people, they will keep the show running. Fans of the show appreciate Duck Dynasty’s use of good, wholesome, family values.

Phil, Willie and the rest of the family are known for their contribution to society. They continually donate money, time and energy to various Christian groups as well as other associations. Willie for example, is currently entrenched in his support for presidential candidate, Donald Trump. He’s been on campaign for some time now, promoting the presidential nominee across the country.

Phil consistently delivers sermons, baptizes people new to the Christian faith and preaches about good morals across the country. Sadie is a philanthropist who is preparing for her own nationwide tour. Every episode of the show, contains good humor that is not dirty or nasty like many shows on television. You can count on learning about parenting from the show.

Viewers Agree Duck Dynasty Teaches Proper Parenting

I continually see comments by people across social media channels regarding the deep and sincere appreciation people have for the family. People are literally begging the networks to keep it going stating, “the show covers it all and is good for all.”

Duck Dynasty Teaches Proper ParentingAnother fan wrote, “Manners and values are so important. So many parents don’t enforce them and we who do, look like the odd man out. Hopefully we will turn this all around… Keep praying for our country and our values… Keep doing what you’re doing Phil!!! Love You!!

The comments where in response to a question asked on a social network: How important is having the proper and right personality for our children today?

It’s a question many people need to ask themselves these days. With so much negative media out there, people are easily influenced in the wrong way. Phil continually points out the dangers of watching or listening to certain types of music and television shows. Phil is an avid speaker on the word of Christ as well. How many other shows out there promote healthy value and ethics? How many shows these days promote faith in God as well as his only son Jesus? And what is your viewpoint on this topic? Do you appreciate the positive message found within each episode of Duck Dynast? If so, leave your thoughts in the comments below then ‘LIKE’ and ‘SHARE’ this post on your favorite social networks.