Daryl Dixon Saves Aaron By Decapitating Walkers

The bow-carrying, walker-tracking Daryl Dixon will forever be a fan favorite on The Walking Dead. One of the many reasons why fans love Dixon is because he’s a badass who thrives during the apocalypse.

In one scene, when he and Aaron are trapped underneath a truck and surrounded by walkers, Daryl climbs out, grabs a chain and knocks off three walker heads with one fell swoop.

In another scene, Daryl steps up when he’s needed most at the prison. Despite the enemy having a tank, he finds a way to beat the bad guys.

Daryl Tells A Walker To “Shut Up”

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

When the walkers attack Alexandria, Daryl Dixon tosses some gasoline on a nearby water supply and then ignites it with a rocket launcher. This draws the walkers to the fire like a moth to a flame, igniting them with liquid napalm as they climb in.

In another scene, early on in the series, Daryl Dixon is walking alone in the woods with Glenn Rhee and Carol. A walker rises up and Daryl simply says “Shut up” as he blasts it in the face with his bow.

Finally, there’s the scene where we’re first introduced to the Saviors.

Daryl Saves Sasha And Abraham

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

On the road, Abraham, Sasha, and Daryl come across a group of bikers who want to kill them and take their supplies. We haven’t quiet been introduced to Negan yet at this point, but before the opposition can say too much, Daryl grabs an RPG.

The Saviors are about to kill Abraham and Sasha when Daryl climbs out from the back of the truck and takes aim. In an instant, he takes out half a dozen men with a rocket launcher.

As Sasha and Abraham get up from the explosion, Daryl walks up and simply says, “Son of a bitch is tougher than he looks…”

What’s your favorite Daryl Dixon moment from The Walking Dead?

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