What do Missy Robertson from Duck Dynasty and Christian musician Grayson Reed have in common? A lot, as it turns out.

Missy Robertson seeks to help young people through he skills of speaking, writing, and singing (source: The Political Cult) They’ll both be heading to Illinois — specifically Olivet Nazarene University — to headline at Ladies Day 2017 on April 22. The event brings together the best of the best in Christian teaching and music in order to give the attendees hope, encouragement, and inspiration.

And there’s plenty of good reasons for her to be speaking at this event. The organizers sure knew what they were doing…

Missy has a powerful voice when it comes to good morals and strong virtue. Duck Dynasty has given her a huge platform to express her heart for others through speaking, singing, and her books. In fact, her book Blessed, Blessed… Blessed was a vehicle for her to encourage others.

“I wanted to write this book because of being blessed by this incident,” Missy told Fox News. “And I know that sounds like a very odd way of saying that, but when you have a child diagnosed with severe medical problems, you don’t think about being blessed at the very beginning of that trial.”

From left: Jessica, Korie, Missy, and Miss Kay Robertson, the Duck Dynasty wives (photo via Crossmap)

She has even done great work internationally — she served with an orphanage in the Dominican Republic. But it’s not just a national or international stage she’s on — she focuses on the local stuff too. She actually volunteers a lot in her local community.

You can grab your tickets at Chicago.Shine.FM. And if you buy a group of 10 tickets, you’ll get an 11th for free. For more information, call 800-648-1463 or email [email protected].

Missy and her husband, Jase, play the newlywed game:

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