Television or Game? 

TWD A New Frontier | Photo Credit TellTale

Despite being somewhat limited by continuing to follow the developer’s formula, Telltale’s latest dive into The Walking Dead universe is remarkable for a point-and-click narrative.

Based on the recent rating decline of AMC’s The Walking Dead, Telltale’s A New Frontier may be more interesting than the last eight episodes on television.

According to Forbes, “The TV show has descended into a deep malaise, riddled with strange character decisions, uninteresting villains, and terribly contrived conflicts that make little sense, not to mention a pacing problem that drags the show down to such a crawl, even the most mutilated zombie could race it to the finish line.”

While this interpretation is a bit harsh, something has caused the series to have problems over the past eight episodes.

So what makes A New Frontier more interesting?

Emotional Twists and Turns

TWD A New Frontier | Photo Credit TellTale

A New Frontier mixes personal drama with emotional twists and turns, which is what brought massive audiences to the AMC series. Like the show, however, the game does follow the show’s pattern of finding the heroes in a safe place only to later find out that the place is doomed.

However, A New Frontier has bad guys with more depth and more good guys to root for (considering our favorite AMC characters have been locked up or submissive this season on AMC).

The biggest difference between the game and the series as that A New Frontier isn’t afraid to take chances when it comes to straying from the comic series. With the series, of course, this could be a double-edged sword.

Familiar Faces on A New Frontier

TWD A New Frontier | Photo Credit TellTale

There are some familiar faces on the game, such as Clementine and Jesus. However, despite their risks and innovations, the game could be improved by making more difficult challenges within the game.

From a gamer perspective, Telltale could break the mold a little by pursuing games such as Life is Strange or King’s Quest to create these challenges. The button choices are only Q, E and Left and Right, which is basically the same as the original Nintendo.

In any case, the zombie genre has slowed down to a crawl lately. Hopefully, the series will return with a war. to the delight of the majority of fans. In meantime, catch up on A New Frontier.

Have you played A New Frontier yet?

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