Walking Dead Season 7, Behind-the-Scenes

The Walking Dead Mag | Photo Credit AMC

This first image highlights a behind-the-scenes photo from the premiere. Between the moments where Negan was swinging Lucille, he spent his time tormenting Rick Grimes in this RV. 

First, he made Rick follow him inside. There, he planted Rick’s hatchet into the table and told Rick to go for it. When he did, Negan stopped him by holding up a gun in his face. 

Then he made Rick go out and get the hatchet, among walkers. 

Simon And Gregory Make Friends

The Walking Dead Mag | Photo Credit AMC

Simon and Gregory have a difficult relationship to say the least. Here, we see actor Steven Ogg with his feet propped up on two apple boxes, delivering a criminal monologue to Xander Berkeley. 

Greg Nicotero Loves Directing Fellow Zombies

The Walking Dead Mag | Photo Credit AMC

Above, director Greg Nicotero is likely telling a stuntman or extra how to walk and move like a proper walker. It looks a little like Seth Gilliam, but it’s likely a walker, given the foggy scene from the premiere episode. 

Nicotero is likely discussing zombie nuances in great detail. 

Austin Amelio Avoids Falling Walkers

The Walking Dead Mag | Photo Credit AMC

ln this scene, Dwight was sent out to find an escaped Savior. While on the open road, he noticed a pile of walker guts. He looked up to find another walker falling off the overpass above. 

Greg Nicotero Clowns Around On Set

The Walking Dead Mag | Photo Credit AMC

Director and make-up specialist Greg Nicotero is always clowning around. In this behind-the-scenes photo, he’s got some sort of wild boar or pig head that he’s using to play a prank on a colleague. 

Negan Kills Abraham, Behind-the-Scenes

The Walking Dead Mag | Photo Credit AMC

The actors described the premiere episode is grueling. It took a few days to film this opening scene and it was brutal. Season 6 finale and the Season 7 premiere both included Negan’s heavy bat.

In an effort to hide which character was going to die, the creators also filmed all of the deaths. This meant showing each character die, in addition to Glenn and Abraham. 

Which is your favorite behind-the-scenes photo?

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