Bella Robertson is the latest of the Duck Dynasty kids to grow up and share their own journey. Previously Sadie and John Luke Robertson have shared their own stories about growing up in the Duck Dynasty franchise. Now it’s Bella’s turn, and we’re realizing she’s a whole lot different from her siblings.

Bella Robertson, All Grown Up

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When we first saw Bella Robertson on television, she was a tiny and quiet school-age child following Korie around at family events. Now she’s guest-blogging on the Live Original website, and telling us there’s a whole lot more to her than meets the eyes.

Bella is now 15-years-old, and ready to make her mark in the world. Her sister Sadie Robertson has found major success since appearing on Duck Dynasty. She filmed Dancing With The Stars and immediately found herself comfortable in the public eye. Many people expected Bella to follow suit. However, those people would be wrong.

Bella says she’s not as comfortable in front of the camera as her other family members. She admits, ” I love to be the person behind the camera taking Sadie’s picture. She literally has to beg me to take a pic with her. It’s just not my thing.”

Bella, however, does have lots of other interests. She enjoys sporting events, music, and sarcasm. She told fans, “I love to cook. Sadie almost set our house on fire trying to make mac and cheese. I love to sit in my space and listen to music. Sadie has never been into music. If it’s Friday night, you will find me cheering on all my guy friends at a football game, and Sadie would be calling the quarter’s innings.”

A Heart Of Faith

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The one thing Bella does share with her family? Her faith in God. Bella credits her faith in God and her relationship with Jesus in helping her get past comparisons with her sister. She wrote, “Without Jesus, none of this would’ve been made possible. Jesus helped me understand my worth, and to know your worth is to have confidence. If you truly believe your worthless, then where is your confidence? Jesus died on the cross to show you that you are worth more than you could EVER imagine, and that is what I am confident in.”

Bella Robertson is carrying on the tradition of spreading her Christian faith. She just happens to be doing it in a totally new and unique way.

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