Who’s the Character Behind the Theoretical Physicist?

For years’ fans got their entertainment from the bazinga-toting super-nerd Sheldon Cooper. The tall, lanky theoretical physicist is known for his complex sentences, firm scheduling, and debates over the reality of superhero physics. It’s easy to think the actor is a lot like his character counterpart.

Youthful and Happy

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Surprisingly enough Jim Parson’s real character is a far cry from Sheldon Cooper. Where the latter is often abrasive or nit-picky, Jim Parsons is warm and welcoming. Where Sheldon seems stiff and driven by routine, Jim is open to ideas and quite full of youth.

Though he is 41, you wouldn’t know it by talking to him. Jim sports a lot of passion for what he does, and it shows. Though his breakout career was obviously through The Big Bang Theory, Jim was always content to act for a living.

Is He a Genius?

If there’s one credit Jim has to give himself, it’s this: numerous fans wonder if he’s as smart as his character counterpart.

Quite an easy conclusion to arrive at. After all, watching Jim deliver a downpour of science, history, or philosophy with a network of words is incredibly convincing. That’s the sign of a great actor.

However, Mr. Parsons does not carry the mind of a true theoretical physicist. Not to suggest he’s slow on the draw, but Jim isn’t quite ready to educate you on say, the mathematical equations dictating gravity.

Happy by Association

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Most people will always see Jim as Sheldon Cooper. Which, in ways, he’s okay with. Many actors will hit defining points in their careers which will keep them associated with the role.

But Jim feels it’s a great thing, too. Sheldon might be beloved by fans, but he’s also a representation of how it is to be an outsider.

All the stiff mannerisms and compulsion are usually the socially awkward tendencies which keep people outside of friendly circles. For them, Jim’s role as Sheldon hits home and champions their quirks, instead of deriding it.

Approachable and Humorously Mundane

Some would even assume Jim is as cold and off-putting as Sheldon. Which isn’t the case, He’s quite enthusiastic and happy about his role in TBBT, and by extension, a happier person.

And, despite all the exciting challenges a physicist could face, Jim himself leads a relatively stable life. He remains in his relationship with Todd Spiewak (going on ten years), watches the tennis circuit, and gets himself to bed at about nine each night.

Well, that’s one thing Sheldon and Jim share: a fixed bedtime.

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