Raj once again proves himself as world’s best girlfriend in the latest Big Bang Theory episode, The Cognition Regeneration. The bachelor brought up quite a few trendy topics and gave great encouragement to Penny, proving he needs to be invited to our next girls’ night.

Photo by spoilertv.com Raj seriously needs to be our new best friend. We’ve already discussed how he’s willing to try new things (hello, sheet masks with Penny) and stay active with his girls (hello, also Yoga with Penny), but now we want to talk about how trendy and supportive he is.

In the latest TBBT episode Raj had a handful of spectacular lines, reminded us that he is the real star of this show. First of all, Raj is as trendy as it gets. Let’s not forget he once by Halley Wolowitz a baby sized Gucci vest. We all need at least one friend who can help us stay up to date on the latest trends of the world, and Raj is that friend.

Photo by bigbangtheory.wikia.com

Case and point, Raj is even following global trends. When Sheldon says he is no good with technology anymore, Raj proclaimed, “I know how you feel I tried one of those electrical Japanese toilets- Practically shot myself across the room.” He’s trying new things, and they’re super trendy.

Plus, he’s up to date with all the latest celebrities. When Sheldon mentioned the concept of “super-aging,” Raj retorted, “You know who’s a super-ager? Jennifer Lopez- like what is her secret!” We know Raj would be down for a binge session of the E! Network.

Supportive Overall

Photo by cbs.com

Besides being trendy and up to date, Raj is above all supportive. He’s his friend’s biggest fans. Some of The Big Bang Theory cast can be sarcastic and almost mean to one another. Raj rarely takes part in that behavior and instead says encouraging things like, “Penny is a strong independent woman. The more you try to control her the more she will push back.”


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