Seasons 7 Zombies of the Walking Dead Are in for a Wild Ride

If you haven’t been paying attention, you may have missed the grotesque demise of the Walking Dead Walkers as the series progresses. They are getting more and more decomposed and outright nasty to look at. That’s pretty cool, but not as cool as what they have in store for the future of the series most important cast members.

For future episodes, the Walking Dead will start to use the walkers in more interesting ways. How exactly is yet to be seen, but it’s got me excited all the same.

(Spoiler Ahead)

I know in the teaser trailer, we see some walkers who are chained and staked outside the chain link fence around the sanctuary.

And if you continue reading on, you’re going to learn some more of what’s to come. So if you don’t want more info, don’t read the article.

The creators of the show want to ensure fans, that even when a new villain comes into the picture, the walkers will still be a danger to the crew. Expect to see characters of the show using the walkers to guard property, buildings, and in other more creative ways. I wonder if the cast will be using walkers as weapons in season 7? I would love to see an army of undead going against the crew after being unleashed by a diabolical villain like Negan.

Imagine an entire warehouse being opened and suddenly out of nowhere, there are hundreds of walkers hoarding upon Rick and the gang. You never know what type of creative antics the writers have up their sleeves.

the walking dead

I do know that the show has been on long enough for anything to happen. Remember the governor and his daughter, or the jars full of heads? That was creepy and pretty awesome all at the same time.

I read rumors that there will be scenes with walker’s heads on spikes. Reanimated, moaning and snarling in horror. That is going to make for some pretty badass moments, because even a head has the capability of spreading the virus. I’m excited to see what other ideas they have for the walkers. Maybe different amazing kills, who knows?

I know it’s not a comedy, but I love seeing walkers being killed in really ridiculous ways from time to time. According to the spoiling dead fans, casting was called for a leader named Brion. It’s got fans wondering if it’s some type of code. Maybe for Alpha, a character from the comic books.

 Whatever happens, the new season airs on October 23rd, on AMC at 9pm EST. And if you’re not up to date, Season 6 of the Walking Dead was just released on DVD and Blu-Ray and will soon be on Netflix so get caught up and ready! What kind of cool things you think they’ll do with the walkers next? Comment below with your ideas because I would love to hear them!

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