According to Geoffrey P. Hunt, “The best news from Antarctica had been that conservationists discovered three bottles of Mackinlay highland malt scotch that Ernest Shackelton left behind in 1909 at the end of his first expedition. The second best news was reported last week in the journal The Cryosphere.”

After a few drinks, scientists have since studied the logbooks of Ernest Shackleton and Robert Scott, to discover that the Antarctic sea ice has hardly changed in the past 100 years. Try telling this to John Kerry or Al Gore though.

Drinking Water | Photo Credit WikiMedia CommonsDrinking Water | Photo Credit WikiMedia Commons

Kerry Chooses Global Warming Over Water

Kerry, while trying to save the planet, spent time on the Ross Sea ice shelf, looking for signs of global warming. Instead of finding what he was looking for, he found a frozen mass larger than anything since the 20th century.

The U.S. Secretary of State would have invested his time better in the Sahara, where the World Health Organization confirmed that only 16 percent of people have access to clean drinking water. This is an immediate and essential threat to human life, an issue much more critical than global warming.

Our concentrated energies should not be wasted on prophesying about imaginary human suffering. As author, Anita Agers Brooks said, “97% of what we fear never happens.”

While celebrities and governmental officials waste time and money on hopeless remedies, we ignore real threats. Finding and protecting fresh water sources are ignored, while we chase phantoms of paranoia. 

Globally, about 750 million people have trouble gaining access to drinking water. In addition, 2.5 billion do not have access to sanitary toilet facilities.

Every 90 seconds, a child dies from a water-related disease.

So why are we searching for polar bears on ice caps?

Drinking Water | Photo Credit WikiMedia CommonsDrinking Water | Photo Credit WikiMedia Commons

Disease Prevention Affects Billions

Disease prevention and clean water concerns affect billions of people, so why is it being ignored?

Much like those famous pictures of Detroit, where the we are influenced to see beauty in the absence of people, but pictures of those who are dying on the streets of Michigan are ignored — our eyes are directed away from real problems. Why do we allow it to happen?

Are we scared to empathize with those thirsting, so instead, we focus on global warming?

High horses exist in excess for “leaders” to climb on, in regard to avoiding human suffering. Clean water needs to move up in level of importance. It needs to become a focused part of our global conversation — over global warming. 

Clean water isn’t sexy, but it does require industrial technology and environmental justices. But we can become part of the solution.

Please encourage those around you to stop wasting time with celebrity-hyped charities and focus on real suffering in the here and now. We all want to make a difference, but we need to make sure we are seeing the true needs. 

Have you read the statistics for fresh water scarcity?

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