Rick Grimes And Rick Grimes Stuntman

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

It’s always comical to see an actor and their stuntman. For whatever reasons, the twin-like characteristics seem amusing. Above, Andrew Lincoln and his double hang out on set during Season 7 of the iconic series.

During this episode, Rick’s stunts likely involved climbing the Ferris wheel in the background and even a  shortfall. In the show, the stuntman probably fell on some soft padding from around 15-feet or so.

In the show, Rick Grimes made it out alive, but only by the skin of his teeth.

Carl Grimes And Carl Grimes Stunt(wo)man

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Here, Carl Grimes is with his double, who is actually a stuntwoman. With child actors, stuntmen are used for a variety of reasons. Not only does the stuntman work for the actor, but they also stand in from time-to-time.

For child actors, laws state that they can only be on the set for so many hours per day. Some of their time may be spent in a trailer resting or attending school. This is also why we rarely see Baby Judith in the series.

So this stuntwoman could stand in for easy stuff and major stunts for the boy.

Shiva The Tiger, CGI Stuntman

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Finally, there are CGI stuntmen. While it would seem like the entire process could be added with computer later, they want impact in the shot. This double is standing in for the CGI version of Shiva the Tiger.

When Carl Grimes is about to be killed by Lucille and Negan, something drastic needs to stop this action. Luckily, Shiva the Tiger arrives just in time to save the day. This distracts Negan, plus an army is following the tiger.

On the set, something needed to hit the other stuntman with force. For this shot, the man in blue jumped off a small trampoline and tackled the stuntman, who was standing in as a Savior.

As Season 8 continues to roll out, there are going to be a lot more major stunts.

Have you ever noticed a stuntman on camera?

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