Catching Zombies, Not Pokemon

TWD Game | Photo Credit AdWeek

After the enormous success of Pokemon Go on the mobile platform, everyone wants to create some sort of augmented reality to cash in on the craze. For those unfamiliar, it essentially turns your phone into a viewing device to see things that aren’t really there.

The original juggernaut invited for gamers to catch Pokemon that were all over the city, like a geo-cache game. Now, however, the new game invites fans to kill walkers, find guns, and survive a zombie outbreak.

Killing zombies sounds way cooler than catching Pokemon…

AMC Network Teams Up With Mountain Dew

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

There are going to be a couple different versions of this AR game, but most are still in a proof of concept stage, rather than an actual selling stage. AMC and Mountain Dew are teaming up for The Walking Dead Encounter.

AdWeek writes:

“The app, which is available today on iOS and Android devices, comes with two walkers. Consumers can unlock additional walkers by watching Mountain Dew commercials during each of the eight episodes in Season 8’s first half or by scanning the Mountain Dew-Walking Dead merchandise in retail locations.”

Extremely Engaged Fans

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Both The Walking Dead on AMC and Mountain Dew have fans that are extremely engaged in content, so the game should be a great success. What’s most important about these two brands is that they are authentic in nature.

There was a soft-launch of the augmented reality game at the recent San Diego Comic Con in the Deadquarters area. The marketing department said there was a great deal of interest in the game and the Mountain Dew products that had characters like Rick Grimes on bottles and cans.

In the past, AMC has also teamed up with Microsoft and Hyundai for other The Walking Dead deals but Mountain Dew is perhaps the most elaborate sponsorship.

Are you looking forward to this new mobile game?

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