In a blog post for Duck Commander, Jase Robertson reveals that he needs to “repent” of his “deceit.”

Missy and Jase RobertsonJase Robertson, pictured with his wife, Missy, revealed in a moving blog post that he needs to cleanse himself of “deceit,” just like Jacob from Genesis 32 (photo via Screener) Jase starts by telling the Bible story of Jacob wrestling an angel. 


“After wrestled all night with this guy, he received a blessing and a name change,” Jase writes.

God changed his name to Israel, meaning “he who struggles with God,” from his given name, Jacob.

Jase points out that Jacob means “deceiver,” which described the direction of Jacob’s life. Jase connects this to his own life.

Missy and Jase RobertsonDuck Dynasty star and husband, Jase admits he has “deceit” he needs God to rid him of (photo via Country Rebel)

But first he explains why Jacob was a deceiver. You may know that story.

Jacob deceived his brother, Esau. They had bad blood between them, and Jacob tricked Esau into trading his inheritance for a bowl of soup.

After this, Jacob ran away for fear of his own life. Fortunately, God eventually got a hold of his heart.

“It is no coincidence that Jacob’s heart was changed,” Jase writes. “Along with his name … on the eve before a surprise face-to-face meeting with his brother. Esau forgave his brother, and a new relationship was born that day.”

Then Jase ties it all in with his own life with a prayer.

“We repent of our deceit and pray for honesty as we face those we have harmed or hurt,” he writes. “We ask all these things in Jesus’ name, amen.”

This is a prayer we should all say. We all have a little deceit inside of us just like Jacob — we should all have a heart of repentance and forgiveness.

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