Shelter Dogs Get Makeovers


Meet Buster and Dewey, two of the most goodest dogs in the land!
Like many shelter dogs, both these puppies were in need of some major TLC, so we, along with Vanderpump Dogs, devoted them only that.
First, we have Buster. Before coming to the Vanderpump shelter, Buster was in line to be euthanized at a high-kill shelter.
Next, say hello to Dewey. This poor lil’ guy was literally hurled from a vehicle by his abusive owners.
Before Buster and Dewey could get all prettied up, the groomer had to make a full assessment of their coats, ears, and teeth.
They were understandably nervous at first, but didn’t take long to warm up to the process.
When it came time to clean ’em up, Buster hopped into the bath first and get shampooed and conditioned like a true prince deserves.
And it wasn’t long before his friend Dewey got his fluff all wet and soapy.
But the cutest portion was by far the little ear-cover the dogs wore when they were gently blown dry.
As you can see, when it came to grooming, Buster was LIVING. IT. UP.
Dewey patiently waited until it was his turning, and nearly broke the camera with his adorable smile.
After 3 hour of gettin’ the endless love they so rightfully deserved, we were ready to see their final seems!
Both of these bb’s are now looking for a permanent home and are available for adoption at Vanderpump Dogs in Los Angeles.</ code>