In the US, 37% of dog owners own more than one other dog. What are some things you should consider before getting a second dog? 

Okay, you can’t really compare owning a dog to eating Pringles. You will not start buying one after another. But it is one of the best feelings ever – having your own personal dog! It is especially the case with German Shepherds. They are so devoted and caring that you will adore them and would want to have an addition.

Owning multiple dogs may be lots of fun for you personally and also benefit the other, ‘original’ dog. But getting a second dog can also bring on a brand new set of problems as well. It is essential that you think about the pros and cons of owning several dogs before you make this move.

Evaluate your current dog’s behavior and your relationship.

If you are experiencing behavior difficulties with your current pet – adding another one in the equation will almost definitely make the problem even worse. Ensure your current dog behaves well and your ‘group’ dynamic is workable, only then can you take on another pet.

Walking Dogs (Credit: Nicole Zalat)Walking Dogs (Credit: Nicole Zalat)

Are you prepared to train another dog?

Recall all that work and time you put into training your first dog. Are you prepared for round two? In addition, consider that once you train your next dog, the training then changes to training your two dogs together. As they say – it simply never ends, you can’t achieve a moment, when your dog is ‘completely’ trained. Additional training exercises have to be performed to iron out the wrinkles of walking them both at the same time, recognizing who you are calling to you, and other minor things like that.

Are you prepared for the expenses to double?

Recall the cost of  grooming, veterinarian bills, food bills, investment in beds, toys, leashes and collars. All of this will more than likely double. Dogs must each have their very own bowls, beds, and leashes, and other things that shouldn’t be shared. Recall how much of the lifestyle change you went through when you got your first dog?

Well, going from one dog to two dogs is going to be a good deal easier. But you still have to organize and adjust the schedule to feed and walk them, you still have to make boarding arrangements whenever you are out of town, and you still have to vacuum up all that dog hair.

Be ready for possible new and various duties and responsibilities that the new dog will bring into the life, like medications, food allergic reactions along with other health problems that your first dog didn’t encounter.

There are no guarantees that the dogs will quickly get along. Even though your dog may play well with others at the park, bringing a brand new dog to your home will be different. Are you prepared to work through problems like proper introductions, power and leadership? These are just some things to think about when considering an additional dog.

Talk to your friends, members of the family, and co workers that own numerous dogs and get their advice, views and recommendations on owning more then one dog, and ensure you’re ready.

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