If You Can’t Answer ‘Yes’ To This, You Shouldn’t Take In Multiple Rescue Dogs


Do you have what it takes, when the unexpected happens with rescue dogs?

Crates, puppy pads, and indoor turf. Is that how you would handle the stress of multiple rescue dogs in your home? When the flood waters started rising in Southeast Houston, this woman threw caution and her sense of smell to the wind as she opened her doors to a collection of 21 four-footed strangers, saving their lives in the process.

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You’ve heard the story of Betty Walter and her harboring of 21 dogs in her attic during hurricane Harvey. But have you considered what she may have endured physically and emotionally in the process?

The smell of a wet street-dog is enough to gag any respectable lover of rescues. Add to that their need to go potty, in a strange place, with twenty other dogs doing the same thing. Whew! Thank goodness there’s no scratch-n-smell here! Then there’s the fighting. Wouldn’t you think with that many dogs in a closed in area that fighting might occur? Okay, maybe the pups were too traumatized, but still, I think we’d agree on the physical trials, though short-lived, had to take a toll.

Emotionally, you have the unknown. Will the storm subside soon? How will I feed all of these precious pups? What was I thinking? Yeah, I can hear some of that floating through my mind and it’s overwhelming. What if one of the pups are hurt? 

What Do You Need To Have On Hand for Multiple Rescue Dogs?

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When the unexpected happens, do have what is needed to care for a rescue dog if he comes in off the street? Okay, the odds of you taking in 21 dogs at one time is most likely a stretch (but hey, if you have taken in a large number, let us know!) taking in one dog unprepared can be a stressor.

Here’s a short list to have on hand, just in case:

15 qt plastic Tub with lid to hold most everything

Hydrogen Peroxide, antibiotic ointment, scissors, tape, and gauze for injuries

Rubber gloves for your safety

Fragrance-free puppy shampoo for sensitive skin

Old Towels and blankets for comfort

Water/food bowl – we use stainless

Large puppy pads

Reusable cardboard box or foldable crate

Hope this helps as you consider opening your casa to those we love of the four=footed variety. 

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How many dogs have you rescued?

What would you add to my list?