BREAKING: Willie Robertson SWARMED By Fans… Things Got Out Of Hand…


What has fame done to Willie Robertson? That’s the question on a lot of people’s minds.

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Uncle Si says fame is dangerous. Sadie Robertson says fame can be difficult to live with. But what does Willie say on the matter? And how has it negatively or positively affect the family business?

Well, we know it’s been nothing but great for Duck Commander and Buck Commander.

“Oh yeah, it’s affected business,” Willie said. “The year before the show started, we sold about 60,000 duck calls, which is pretty good in the duck-call-selling realm. And then the year after the show hit, we sold well over a million duck calls. So business was rolling and some of that’s leveled off. I mean, it’s grown for sure but for a couple of years there it was pretty out of control.”

So did this cause his personal life to get “out of control” too?

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Because of the celebrity status, Willie has gained from the show, more and more people are asking him to speak at events, which he has happily obliged over the years.

But one event stands out. At the Daytona 500 in 2013 — the height of Duck Dynasty — he and his wife, Korie, were suddenly swarmed by fans before the race.

“I had a security guy there,” Willie recalled. “And he said, ‘In all the years I’ve done this, I’ve only seen one guy that (got a comparable reaction) to how people reacted to you… and that was Clint Eastwood.”

Fortunately, Willie said things have “settled down” a bit since then. And now, one thing about the show impresses Willie the most — its longevity.

“I would say I’m just amazed at how long [Duck Dynasty] went and how big the show got,” he said. “I guess that’s what kind of stands out for me.”

Willie is still a celebrity — possibly more famous than Clint Eastwood — but the fans and paparazzi aren’t as present anymore. And maybe that’s a good thing — maybe he can catch his breath now.

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