Sadie Encourages Others To Live Original

Sadie, Blake | Photo Credit Just Jared Jr. In a powerful new message on Sadie’s Live Original website, she opened about her hardships with ex-boyfriend, Blake Coward. Despite how happy they looked in photos, it was clear that splitting up was for the best.

“At one point, I began to believe that the essence of passion was emotion. Where you fight but make it through and kiss to forget. It was a love that was formed from the hard times,” wrote Sadie.

She realized things weren’t so great after all.

Realizing The Relationship Was A Lie

Sadie, Blake | Photo Credit Media

Sadie wrote:

“…That was a huge LIE and created so much confusion for me. I thought our connection was so deep because we created this false love for ourselves that said it was okay to constantly fight like cats and dogs, scream hateful words and cry till our eyes were swollen.”

““All we’d have to do afterwards is share a kiss, make up and then boom – our relationship would be stronger than ever. That was wonderful and all…until the next throw down came which was inevitably not too far around the corner. We would go through this unhealthy pattern of ‘I hate you, I love you. I hate that I love you.’…”

“We Knew How To Have Fun…”

Sadie, Blake | Photo Credit Heavy

Sadie ended up saying that things were always bad, as they did know how to have fun, but even laughing, dancing in public, and singing karaoke in the car wasn’t enough to keep the duo together.

“We knew how to have fun. We laughed uncontrollably, danced in public and sang karaoke in the car. We ate ice cream and cooked pancakes before climbing on the rooftop to watch the stars say their final goodnight,” she wrote.

All in all, they decided to break up in order to be the best version of themselves.

What do you think about Sadie’s powerful message?

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