In Epic Turn Of Events, Duck Dynasty Creators May Not Be Bought Out


In an ongoing battle between the Duck Dynasty producers/co-creators and their parent company, a judge has recently caused a twist in the story.

Scott and Deidre Gurney, of Gurney Productions, have been allowed to go back to work and now hope to win their counter suit against their parent company, ITV (photo from Gurney Productions)

We recently reported that the co-creators and producers, Scott and Deidre Gurney, were back on the job amidst a $100 million dispute. Their company, Gurney Productions, is in the process of getting bought by ITV Studios, and ITV is suing them for fraud and extortion. After they were allowed to get back to work, they were obviously happy.

“We have always believed the truth was on our side and today the judge reaffirmed our position,” said the couple’s attorney.

And now a Los Angeles judge has ruled in Scott and Deidre’s favor yet again. He kept ITV from completing the buyout.

Scott and Deidre are hoping to win their counter lawsuit against their parent company, ITV (source: Hollywood Reporter)

But ITV tried to look at the bright side of things, not really accepting that this was a blow to their case, saying the judge interpreted the contract in his own way. ITV is still confident that they’ll win in the end…

Because we need them.

Gurney Productions has made Willie Robertson a famous, rich, and happy many ever since Duck Dynasty’s inception in 2012 (source: Hollywood Reporter) “We remain very confident of success in the merits of our case,” said an ITV spokesperson.

“And fully expect to win once the allegations of deceit, fraud and self-dealing by the Gurneys are exposed at a full trial.” So hopefully, we find that the Gurney’s are innocent so they can continue operating as producers and creators of shows. Great shows like that of the legendary Duck Dynasty.

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