This year’s TBBT comic con panel was all too informative.

We learned so much about what goes on behind the scenes at The Big Bang Theory, we figured we’d share five things you probably didn’t know about your favorite show.

The Big Bang Theory Behind the Scenes Facts

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Kaley Cuoco was eager to share quite a few behind-the-scenes facts about The Big Bang Theory at this year’s Comic Con panel. She was joined by fellow costar’s Johnny Galecki, Kunal Nayyar, and Kevin Sussman, and really dove into what it’s like to film this show.

First of all, Kaley takes polaroids of everything. She says there’s a “wall of shame” where she hangs the photos she snaps of her unassuming cast mates back stage. The star loves to document the moment, and this makes sense considering she’s spent ten years of her life on this set.

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Secondly, Kevin Sussman is really bad at remembering people’s names. Like…REALLY bad. So bad that a writer, Maria Ferrari, for the show came up to him at a restaurant and he had no idea what to call her. Ferrari insists Kevin thought she was a fan, but he retorts, he was only awkward because he couldn’t remember her name.

We also learned that Kaley’s laughter on the show is totally unscripted. Whenever she’s laughing on screen it’s usually because she genuinely finds her costars to be hilarious. Steve Molaro and Chuck Lorre love her genuine reactions, and always keep them in during editing.

Kunal Nayyar also revealed he’d like to switch characters with Kaley at some point. He said “You get the cutest clothes,” referring to Penny’s adorable wardrobe. Pretty hilarious.

Kunal’s Hair

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The most interesting piece of backstage information? Apparently, Kunal Nayyar straightens his hair before every episode. His mane is naturally curly, so it takes him approximately 20  minutes to transform into Raj, and he does it himself.


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