Christmas is always like a fairytale for us, a little bit mysterious, a little bit enigmatical, a little bit childish at heart and very festive. But could it be that traditional on The Big Bang Theory? Of course, not. On the show, this holiday is traditionally full of surprises, laughter, and comical awkward situations – and everything else, driving us that crazy about the sitcom. So what exactly is Christmas like on The Big Bang Theory?

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It`s pretty chaotic.

You never know, what to expect to be done by the characters. With the transparency of each storyline, at the moment when you’re pretty sure there’s nothing the characters can surprise you with, they suddenly throw another unexpected trick. There is nothing traditional in a Christmas celebration on The Big Bang Theory. Even picking the presents is a very complicated task for some heroes (like our beloved Sheldon), although it seems the most simple and traditional thing in principal. Seems like the motto for some characters is as follows: “Easy ways are for wimps!”

Strange places to spend Christmas at.

Bt Looks like another meeting of the Club of role-playing games fans)Bt Looks like another meeting of the Club of role-playing games fans)

Instead of cozy Christmas Eve in the cozy chair, chatting with their families or friends, eating Xmas dishes and drinking a glass of fragrant wine, our Big Bang Theory characters would prefer thinking about the ways to win the costume contest, even if they need to involve a complete stranger (new Penny’s boyfriend) in. By the way, Penny herself isn’t crazy about such pastime, but… Is there anything a woman’s voice can solve against the crowd of militant allied friends? That`s just it! From the other side, no one can complain that this Christmas was either boring or monotonous.

It`s sometimes touching.

By There's always that Holiday Spirit!By There’s always that Holiday Spirit!

Once Sheldon wasn’t able to join his brethren on the Christmas holidays. He might be too strange, sometimes even too annoying in his self-confidence and weird behavior, but his friends spend the holidays, sharing their opinions on how their lives would have changed if they hadn’t ever meet Sheldon.  Even if the characters sometimes irritate each other, itching to kick each other’s a**es, it never means, that they love each other less!  

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