It’s never easy to face your former club, especially if they helped you to play for Barcelona. Ter Stegen is about to face his ex-club, and he’s looking forward to a win.

“When you leave a club you’ve spent 18 years at it is because you want to play for a team where you can win as many titles as possible and with Barcelona I have the chance to do that,” he stated.

“It will be a special moment [to return], something I want to enjoy, but I have already said I’m focused 100 percent on winning the game.”

Ter Stegen joined Barcelona in 2014 for 12 million euros, and he’s finally Enrique’s first choice for a goalkeeper. Now that Bravo is gone, Ter Stegen will have the opportunity to prove why he wasn’t satisfied with playing cup games only.

The German goalkeeper has a bright future ahead of him. He’s only 24 years old, and he has no problem with fitting into the Barcelona system.

Which means he has more than just goalkeeping skills. He can control the ball and help Barcelona with the “never lose possession” tactic.

Of course, when a goalkeeper starts to go forward, there’s a chance of conceding goals like the one against Bilbao.

But that’s part of the game, and even Neuer make mistakes.

Both Neuer and Ter Stegen started their careers at Mönchengladbach, and they’re both world-class goalkeepers.

Neuer is currently a starter for the German national team as well, but this could change in near future. Ter Stegen is the first goalkeeper choice at Barcelona now, and he will have more time and opportunities to improve.

Enrique on Ter Stegen’s performances:

“I’d like to think so. He’s learnt the language. He’s good at it. He’s been improving his performances and he needs to keep doing that. That’s the aim of every professional”.

“Everyone needs confidence and I’ll decide what to do on the basis of what the team needs. What the press says won’t influence me. In fact, don’t care a jot what the press says”.

Ter Stegen on Bravo

“I always had a good relationship with my teammate [Bravo], although last year was difficult because we both wanted to play.”

“I don’t want to think about [if a third year with Bravo was possible], it’s in the past and I’ve left it to one side. It doesn’t worry me now. I’m thinking about the games from now on.”

“It was a difficult situation for all of us, because Jordi [Masip] wanted to play as well. My situation has improved [this season] and that’s what matters to me.”

“All players in the team want to play and give 100 percent on the pitch. The situation was difficult for us both and he’s found a solution which is better. I’m here with Barca and I’m not thinking about other teams.” – Ter Stegen.

Bravo is a great goalkeeper, but letting him go was a wise decision. He’s 33 years old, and he was making things difficult for Ter Stegen to step up his game.

Even though he acted like a pro in front of the press, it’s going to be an emotional night for Ter Stegen playing against his former club.

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