Shocking Details Revealed About The Paul Pogba And Barcelona Connection


It’s not like Barcelona didn’t do any shopping during the summer transfer window. But we’re talking about Paul Pogba here.

Pogba is only 23 years old, and he is already recognized as one of the best players in the world. From shooting to dribbling, the young Frenchman has it all.

On top of all, he is great at defending too.

That’s exactly why Jose Mourinho forced the Man Utd owners to break the transfer record this summer.

But besides Pogba’s skills, he also poses the confidence to play like a world class player. He isn’t concern about the huge price tag, and he is always focused on the game.

He was the best player in his ex-club Juventus, and he even played a Champions League final against Barcelona.

But in order to compete for the golden ball and move forward with his career, he needed a change. Man Utd are not playing in the Champions League this year, but that’s actually good for Pogba.

He will have less pressure and more time to adopt to the Premier League.

But what happened with all the Barcelona rumors from last year? Every Barca fan was hoping to see Pogba wearing the Blaugrana dress right?

As it turns out, Barcelona had a deal with Juventus regarding Pogba and his transfer situation. Barcelona director Albert Soler claims that the two parties agreed a deal regarding Pogba. The deal happened 12 months ago, and they agreed on a price of 112 million dollars.

Speaking via the Mirror, Soler said:

“Last year we reached a deal with Juventus for us to have a priority option when they sold Pogba.

“This summer we decided that there were players that suited us better on a sporting level.

“The idea of the board was that nobody would be able to get ahead of us in the market.

“It allowed us to have options.”

Maybe Barca made a mistake with letting Pogba sign for Man Utd. He would perfectly fit into the Barcelona system.

He could be like the offensive version of Sergio Busquets.

But on the other hand, the price tag of 100+ million dollars is not something Barca could afford every year. They already spent a fortune on Suarez and Neymar.

André Gomes was the most expensive Barca signing this year. Let’s hope he justifies the price tag of 39 million dollars.