Alex Vidal Was Way Out of Line With His Instagram Post


It’s understandable for young players to spend some time on the bench, before they’re ready to play their first game with a new (or first) team. But Alex Vidal is not young anymore.

He’s 27 years old, and he’s not satisfied with being a second option, even in Barcelona. He was regularly a starter at Valencia, and he’s not used to watching the games without being able to contribute.

The only problem is that Valencia is not the same team as Barcelona. Even the right back position in Barcelona has different requirements and tasks compared to other clubs.

Replacing Dani Alves

Dani Alves was the world’s most expensive defender, when he signed for Barcelona. He was also the third-most expensive player bought by Barça.

It’s always a huge gamble when you spend millions of dollars for a player and expect him to fit in, in a different system. But Alves was ready for a change, and he had no problem adapting to the Barca style of play.

While playing in Barcelona, Dani Alves became the best right back in the world and a key player for Guardiola’s tactic.

He’s fast, great ball control, and he can defend.  In addition, he formed a special relationship with Messi. The only problem that Alves left behind was the ability to replace him.

Vidal is not the first player Barcelona bought to replace Alves. Douglas was another unsuccessful signing that failed to perform in Europe.

He was great in the Brazilian league, but not even close to what Barcelona was after.

Everyone hoped that Vidal would be the player to finally end the search for the perfect right back player that Barcelona needed. He even had a few good games, but that’s not enough.

Enrique is searching for a player that is able to consistently perform at the top level. And as it turns out, Vidal is not the right guy.

Vidal offended Barcelona with his Instagram post

Enrique was finished with Vidal, right after the loss against Alaves (his second chance). Vidal was directly responsible for conceding a goal, and Enrique had enough.

He’s now looking at Roberto as an option for his first right back.

The rumors about Hector Bellerin is just another sign for Vidal that he’s not wanted in the club anymore. Maybe things would change if he is willing to accept the substitute role.

But according to his Instagram post, he’s not.

According to 101greatgoals, he told Barcelona to to f*** off.

Of course he didn’t use the exact words, but he used emojis to express his feelings.

Aleix Vidal offending Barcelona through his Instagram post


According to 101greatgoals: One (the first one) was the face with the zipped mouth. The second was the f*** you sign.

No matter how disappointed and frustrated you are, this is not a way to handle things. At least not in a team like Barcelona.

This would defiantly decrease his chances of playing to a big zero.