The last Barcelona game against Celta Vigo made us all wonder; what would happen if Messi was playing?

Barcelona conceded 4 goals because the back line made a few mistakes, as did the goalkeeper. But if Messi was playing, the result would be different. He doesn’t have any impact when it comes tp defending, but he is the best at scoring goals and creating chances.

But that’s the past.

It’s time to move on, and it looks like Messi is coming back at the perfect moment. Barcelona is having difficulties with form, and things will change as soon as Messi is back on the pitch.

His ability to create something out of nothing, and scoring solo goals will be more than welcomed. 

Neymar did a great job as a team leader while Messi was gone. But we all know no one can’t replace Messi, not even Neymar. Well not yet.  But a few more years of experience and Neymar will probably take his place.

Barcelona, Valencia discussing swap deal for Aleix Vidal

We all had high hopes for Vidal, when he arrived at Barcelona. He had a great season at Valencia before he joined Barca. But there was just one little problem, he had to replace Dani Alves.

Alves at his prime was the best right back in the world.  Without a doubt. Vidal is a solid player, but if you want to replace Alves, you need to be more than just solid.

Alves wasn’t even close to a typical right back. He made mistakes, but that’s only because he was putting in a lot of effort in joining the attack. He loved those one-two passes with Messi, and he also had the freedom to take a shoot when in position.

He was extremely fast, and he could easily go back and fix the mistake or the bad pass he made. That’s why it was so hard to replace him.

Barcelona is planning to swap Vidal to Valencia in exchange for the rising star João Cancelo. The swap could be complete in January, but Barcelona would have to add cash to the offer as well.

Cancelo is valued at €25 million, but if Barcelona offers Vidal then the price could be lowered to €15 million. João Cancelo is another full back with a lot of potential.

He’s actually playing as a right winger for Valencia, but his original position is a right back. He could replace Sergi Roberto, or even take his place if he lives up to the potential.

Manuel Neuer defends Barcelona’s Ter Stegen

Neuer is currently the best goalkeeper in the world. Ter Stegen and Neur are both part of the German national team, and they both have the style of play. They usually use their feet more than they use their hands during a game.

Neuer is a great goalkeeper, but he’s not perfect. He has made mistakes as well. He had few good words to say about his colleague Ter Stegen.

“[I spoke to him and said] ‘Marc, calm, keep going like this’. Marc is one of the best goalkeepers in the world and committing errors is part of the maturing process. We know these things happen, Barcelona demands that you play like this.” – Neuer.

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