After President-elect Donald Trump assumes the presidency, he will deliver on his campaign promise to cancel the Paris Climate Accord. This means big payoffs for those who wish to preserve conservative principles.

In the Financial Post, Benny Peiser who is the director of the London-based Global Warming Policy Forum, has written about what may come. “President-elect Trump does not need to “cancel” the Paris agreement to fulfill his promise and that of his party. He should simply submit it to the Senate for advice and consent under Article II, Section 2, of the U.S. Constitution. That properly constitutional approach would spell the end of it.”

Continuing, he adds, “That is exactly the plan that Myron Ebell, who leads Trump’s transition team for the Environmental Protection Agency, has suggested. There are many good reasons for such a constitutional approach. But the most important one is that a failure to do so would cement Obama’s policy of unilateral treaty-making and set a dangerous precedent.”

Paris Climate Accord | Photo Credit WikiMedia CommonsParis Climate Accord | Photo Credit WikiMedia Commons

Trump’s Stance on Obama’s Green Policies

Most people are unaware of Trump’s stance on reversing Obama’s green policies. Many reject the Paris agreement outright, and the Kyoto Protocol, because they feel that the agreement needs to be ratified by the Senate.

In addition, the Republican-led Senate has warned international leaders for over a year now in regards to Obama’s Paris deal. A Republican Senate would have torn this ridiculous deal to pieces. President Obama has made cases he can’t keep and is stepping over the middle class to take credit for a ridiculous agreement.

Paris Climate Accord | Photo Credit WikiMedia CommonsParis Climate Accord | Photo Credit WikiMedia Commons

Obama Overstepping His Reach

This is a learning opportunity to showcase how Obama and the Democrats completely overstepped their boundaries. The overall media consensus on global warming is far more consumed within itself than scientific data concludes. But Donald Trump doesn’t care about the media and certainly doesn’t need their help to make his decisions.

Several principle-based conservatives are worried about Donald Trump, and what he may bring to the White House as well as the country. This is understandable, given that Trump isn’t the normal politician. However, judging by what he’s delivering so far, Mr. Trump is on a good conservative track.

Were you well informed about the Paris Climate Accord?

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