Phil Robertson of Duck DynastyRecently, Phil Robertson was heard getting the crowd riled up when he began to attack President Obama for his run in office.

The event took place at Western Iowa Tech, Community College in Siox City Iowa.

Duck Dynasty’s head of family Phil, says we are facing the greatest,

“Assault on Christianity”

that he’s seen to date. Phil believes that voting Trump is actually the “Biblically Correct” thing to do in the elections taking place in November.

Besides being the head honcho on Duck Dynasty, also owns Duck Commander. He is an avid public speaker on faith, Christianity and honest American Values. Times are changing and probably not for the better as weird things are happening in this country. High school football coaches are being fired for praying and service members of the military are being punished for practicing faith. Phil believes the rising of secularism in America is the greatest assault on Christianity to date.

Phil makes one of the most important points, the politicians are not the only ones to blame for the state of the country.

The American people share just as much of a responsibility as they do for the way this country is developing. Like many people around the world, Phil’s views are shaped by the Bible and the teachings of Jesus Christ.

Phil Robertson of Duck DynastyPhil is honest about this all. Some people may call it secularism, he simply calls it evil. In recent years, it has not been uncommon for the government to disregard the Bible and the entire Christian faith. Phil is known to rehearse many parts of the Bible in his own words and they make sense. Don’t murder, don’t commit adultery and you won’t go to prison or get a disease. It’s as simple as that and make a lot of sense to me.

He takes the evil that secularism is and puts it one step further, it is the evil one that controls human beings.

His next remark, “So when you see a lot of murder and lot of lies, you say, according to Jesus, the Son of God, he said you can attribute that to the Devil’s work.”

School systems have been trying to kick God out of school since 1925 in order to teach evolution. Now that it’s happening, we are beginning to see the results of a Godless America. Robertson is openly supporting Trump now. Once again, he states that voting for Trump is the Biblical thing to do and all Christians should think about that when voting. Phil will leave it up to each of us to make the right decision as this is a free country and he believes in freedom. What will you do when the time comes? Comment below with your answers then like and share to spread the word.


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