America is unsafe and insecure without law enforcement. Members of the “Thin Blue Line” are responsible for protecting individuals and communities from those who seek to harm. The presence of law enforcement ensures order and civility. Their absence leads to anarchy.

Dangerous Times

SAPD Detective Benjamin Marconi Dource Credit: mysanantonio.comSAPD Detective Benjamin Marconi
Dource Credit:

2015-2016 rocked the law enforcement community with an unprecedented number of deaths. From ambushing officers working alone, to all-out assaults on those gathered in groups, the death toll rose under a barrage of leftist negativity pointed at those who protect and serve.

The past few days have been extremely difficult. Last Sunday, San Antonio Police Detective Benjamin Marconi was murdered during a routine traffic stop. Reports and video from SAPD show the killer entering police headquarters just hours before the murder. He was arrested without incident.

St. Louis, Mo., Sanibel, FL., and Kansas City, saw three more officer shootings. Thankfully, all three officers are recovering. According to the Officer Down Memorial Page, 128 officers died in the line of duty through October 2016 alone. Just two less than the 130 that occurred in the entirety of 2015. But these are more than numbers, one death represents one life, and one loss too many.

The Left is Waging War On Police

This rise in police officer deaths, can largely be contributed to the left and their mainstream media co-conspirators, along with venom spewing organizations like Black Lives Matter. This group of self-absorbed anarchists use terrorist-like tactics rivaling those of ISIS. If they would turn that energy into unifying efforts, our national landscape would appear distinctly different — in a positive way.

Obama and Clinton have failed to condemn the senseless and tragic murders of our public servants — though they are quick to defend violaters who break the law. Instead, they have opted to glorify the offenders and vilify the police. All part of their socialist agenda, meant to divide and conquer.

Black Lives Matter is asserting that these deaths are the result of racist police officers targeting and killing African-American men. They ignore the fact that most of these incidents originated with career criminals who resisted arrest or pointed weapons at officers.  

In reality, this is all part of the progressive’s sick and twisted agenda to increase racial tensions. However, their reign of terror and lawlessness is coming to an end.

Democrats Create Victims

In January, our country will have a President who supports law enforcement. President-elect Trump will restore law and order to our country. He will do this by addressing the real problems that exist in African-American communities. Things like:

  • The breakdown of family structures.
  • Lack of engagement in the public education system. 
  • Able-bodied men and women depending on welfare, rather than experiencing the sense of satisfaction from learning to complete a job well.
  • Black-on-black crime decimating places like Chicago, Detroit, and Baltimore.

These are not racist issues, these are basic human predictors for living a happy and fulfilled life. Failed liberal policies, aimed at turning minorities into victims versus encouraging them to experience victory, have increased conflict and despair among ravaged minority communities. 

The NAACP, SPLC, ACLU have lined their pockets by encouraging divisiveness. Their wealth comes from keeping their victims poor. Equality is not important to Jackson and Sharpton — they want headlines.

Trump Supports the “Thin Blue Line”

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In August, 2016, speaking to black voters, Trump said “I am running to offer you a much better future,” Crime and violence is an attack on the poor and it will never be accepted in a Trump administration.”

Trump’s presidency will restore respect and admiration for America’s law enforcement — protecting those who serve a great America.




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