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Wherever protests and riots break out, you can usually follow the money trail to George Soros . The billionaire philanthropist has spent a fortune funding chaos and disruption.

Soros attempted to propel Hillary Clinton to victory. He failed. But he is not through antagonizing President Trump.

The president’s victory, and latest executive orders have made Soros step-up his game. 

A group called “Make the Road” was prominently displaying their banner at JFK airport on Saturday. They showed up in response to President Trump’s security ban on those who pose a threat to America.

They were paid to be there by Soros. His Open Society Foundation has given millions of dollars to the New York-based group. They were also part of the riots in Ferguson, MO and now he is funding the lawsuits filed by the…

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  • Love of Country

    When I was in first grade back in the early 70’s, there was this kid named Peter who for no apparent reason screamed and threw hardcore tantrums nearly every single day.

    Looking back now I’m positive that colicky little kid was a little fricken progressive …..

  • coolercoleman

    Do you know how many Democrats are so stupid they don’t know this international criminal is pulling the strings in the Democrat party?

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